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        Su Jie medical equipment (Suzhou) Co, Ltd. is specialized in medical equipment and purification equipment research and development,。production, sales and service as one integrated company. Our main products are biological safety cabinet series, clean workbench series, air shower series, FFU series, clean shed series, clean closet series, air purifier series, one hundred laminar flow hood series, transfer window series, and other purification equipment And sales, at the same time to undertake one hundred to three hundred thousand purification plant, clean room, clean room, sterile room engineering and construction.

        Sujie Medical has a number of senior engineers and HVAC design engineers, pharmaceutical design projects, food sterile room design, electronic dust-free workshop design experience, with the Institute for many years has a good relationship of cooperation and communication. In the large-scale installation of pipes and color plates have a wealth of experience in installation and advanced on-site management system. Company products are widely used in medical and health, pharmaceutical preparations, biological pharmaceuticals, plant tissue culture, animal husbandry and veterinary, food and beverage, chemical experiments, decontamination and other fields and laboratories. We have always been technology-centric, innovation-driven, service-oriented. With excellent product quality, good after-sales service, to participate in the fierce competition in the market to win the customer's support and trust.

        Medical Su Jie, people-oriented, enterprises always adhere to the talent is the core competitiveness of enterprises, business competition is always talent competition. Company employees as the center, and constantly strengthen and create corporate culture concept, so that employees really integrate into the business, for all areas to provide air purification technology solutions package. All employees of Su Jie Medical are striving for the goal of making the company an outstanding company in the industry.

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        Sales service hotline:86-0512-65990051
        Company website:www.sixxtu.com
        Address: Fenghuangjing Industrial Park, Weitang Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou
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